Luscious Lamb

Friday night…it’s Friday night! We have all survived the week with good grace 💕

After waving my eldest off to a sleepover and reassuring my youngest that our home will be complete tomorrow when the eldest returns, it’s time to think of food!

The kids had Pizza (see previous recipe minus the love heart template!), us adults decided on Lamb.

I dug out some Cranberry sauce from the Freezer (made at Christmas), tarted it up with garlic, Rosemary and Red Wine Vinegar. We made some mash and added a scoop of English Mustard. Seasoned the lamb steaks well and cooked them in butter for 12 minutes on a medium heat. We served it with some Nero English Kale. Nom nom!

The picture doesn’t do this dish justice. Seriously, 20 minutes from fridge to plating up. No frills. No fuss. Maximum taste 👍🏻

Recipe card will be available soon.

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