5 Day Eating Plan for Kids

5 Day Eating Plan for Kids

A few days ago, I decided to create a 5 day healthy plan for my children (I also pondered a running plan…haven’t got there yet!). Like I said before, we are a healthy bunch but with my youngest going through a bit of a fussy stage, I often feel dinner time is like ground hog day!!

After looking through numerous cooking books, visiting other parenting sites and talking it all through with my kids, we have decided upon the following plan for next week:

Numbers 2, 3 and 5 will be a breeze. Numbers 1 and 4 may be a challenge but they are willing to give it a go! The thing is, my youngest adores tuna, pasta and tomatoes BUT the thought of eating the 3 TOGETHER seems to amount to Treason in my house! Like wise with Mexican. I AM going to add in red kidney beans. Even if they just TRY them, I’ll be ecstatic!

I’m also going to take Tahlia’s tips on board (have you seen her last blog?) and sneak in a few side salads, although to be fair they are quite good with salads already (just don’t mention cucumber…!).

Join me – I’ll post the recipes as soon as I can.


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