Celebrating Women Today

Happy International Womens’ Day to all you brilliant women and girls out there. No matter how old, or young – you are all amazing. Take a minute to tell yourselves that today.

It’s taken me nearly 40 years to realise the power of women, to truly understand and celebrate the strength we have together. The collaboration, the resilience, the emotional empathy, kindness and strength. Only now do I really understand the power of women, and so, today, I want you to appreciate and celebrate those amazing women and girls around you.

Those women who fix your crown, without telling anyone it was crooked – those who give you a smile in the playground, those who offer help and support and those who believe in you. Your girl tribe is the strongest network you will ever have. Appreciate them, celebrate them, support them.

Every day I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such incredible people. These unsung and just brilliant, strong and resilient women. From teachers (and TAs), doctors, nurses and paramedics, MDs, VPs, baristas, cleaners, childminders, receptionists, colleagues, to the people we are lucky enough to call our friends and family. Here’s to you all. Here’s the the power of collaboration and resilience and empathy.

Here’s to a stronger, more equal and level society. One which places real value on girls and women. One which refuses stereotypes and media hype about ‘battling women’ and commentary on what the female PM is wearing today. Here’s to smashing the glass ceiling, shattering the barriers and teaching our girls that they can be whatever they want to be. Teaching our boys to become feminists for their sisters and future lives.

I’m going to take a minute to talk to my daughter about what International Women’s day means to us. Let’s nurture a generation on powerful girls, who build up the girls around them. As Carly said to me today “Shower your girls with love, and encourage them to do the same.”

Together we are strong, and we are awesome. Remember to tell yourself that today (and every day).

Tahlia x

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