Dreamy Creamy Mash with Mustard and Chives – The Home Made Way

So here’s the truth. When I left home many years ago, I could barely cook a thing. We all still howl with laughter when we reminisce over university days and the time I was asked to make boiled carrots at a dinner party. You’d think the name was obvious enough? Nope. I didn’t have a clue!

I’m happy to say, 22 years on and that’s no longer the case (phew!). I could make mash, though 👍🏻 For all of you out there who were like me, this is for you.

Here at Mums In Real Life, we love a good mashed potato.

As my children’s taste buds are developing, so is the mash potato I serve up at home. The only thing I still don’t add is salt, but that’s not a bad thing. Right?

This mash went down a treat when I served it alongside a honey and mustard gammon joint.


6 good sized potatoes

2 tsp Mustard

2 tbsp reduced fat sour cream

Knob of butter



Freshly chopped Chives


Start by peeling the potatoes, cutting into chunks and boiling for 25 minutes (or until soft).

Take off the heat and drain. Place the potatoes back into the saucepan, add a generous knob of butter, the sour cream and a few twists of pepper.

Give it all a good mash, adding splashes of milk until it’s creamy and fluffy. Now add the mustard. Mash again.

Finely chop some fresh chives. Place Mash into a serving bowl and sprinkle the chives on top.

Do you have any mash recommendations? We’d love to hear your stories!

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