Couscous Paella On A Shoe String

This Miguel Barclays Couscous Paella took us all by surprise. We loved it! Okay, okay…it’s not traditional at all. But it does taste really good and reminds us of happy holidays in Spain. It took 10 minutes to make which totally gets the thumbs in our house on a busy school night 👍🏻

I’ve bought the book on Amazon, see the link below as I highly recommend it because it is packed with budget friendly easy meals that are bursting with flavour!

Ingredients (for 1 portion):

1/4 red pepper, cut into strips

Small handful of cooked prawns

Handful of frozen peas

1/2tsp turmeric

1/2 chicken stock cubes

1 egg-cup of couscous



Gently fry the pepper in a little olive oil for a couple of minutes, then add the prawns, peas and turmeric. Next up crumble in the stock cube and add a small splash of water. Leave to simmer for a couple of minutes, once the peas are cooked remove from the heat.

Stir in the couscous and season well. Cover with a lid and leave it for a minute until the couscous has plumped up. Serve with a nice wedge of lemon and enjoy!


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