No- Junk Lazy Tuesday Tea

No- Junk Lazy Tuesday Tea

Well it's not exactly flaming June, is it? Having settled back in to the school routine, I found myself looking for something a bit different for tea. The brief was super fast, easy and nutritious but a crown pleaser (I almost always manage to cook the same as school dinners - note to self, read [...]

Throw Back Thursday – British Spring Lamb

With Easter upon us, I thought I’d re-share this delicious Roast Lamb recipe for our ‘Throw back Thursday’ feature. So Easy to make, oh so delicious! With the smell of Spring in the air, what better way to round off the week with a Lamb Roast. Accompanied by Desiree Potatoes, Butternut Squash, Cauliflower & Peas. [...]

Dopiaza Date Night

Dopiaza Date Night

If you are looking for a curry to make this weekend, check this out. Full of fragrance and very simple to make, this gets the thumbs up! For the main Dopiaza dish, I gently fried 500g of cubed lamb, 2 onions (quartered), a baby leaf, Cinnamon and green cardamom in 2 tbsp of oil and [...]

Afternoon Tea

If you are looking for a cooking project this weekend, this is the one for you! It took a while as I made everything from scratch (except the sausage meat), but it was worth it! Scotch Eggs: I whizzed 3 slices of brown bread & some mixed herbs in a blender to make breadcrumbs and [...]

5 Day Eating Plan for Kids

5 Day Eating Plan for Kids A few days ago, I decided to create a 5 day healthy plan for my children (I also pondered a running plan...haven't got there yet!). Like I said before, we are a healthy bunch but with my youngest going through a bit of a fussy stage, I often feel [...]



WE'VE RECENTLY had half term, and this has resulted in some bad habits creeping in to our routine. Less fruit and veg, more reaching for the bad snacks and unsatisfying empty calories of crisps and quick snack. Today I was talking to a lovely friend of mine, and we got on to the subject of [...]

Stuffed Pancakes

If you're not sick of Pancakes by now, I recommend giving this recipe a go if you fancy trying something a bit different! Now with this one, you can have the filling of your choice. I opted for mince and spinach as this is what I had to hand. I browned off the mince (no [...]

Pancake Day

12 mini PancakesStrawberries, chocolate & Basil So, it’s Shrove Tuesday. Up until about an hour ago, I hadn’t made the connection. Despite the fact I’m heading off to watch Pancake Races in about half an hour! Doh...! I’ve quickly knocked up a batch of mini pancakes which I can reheat when the kids get home. [...]

The simple Pork Chop…with a twist!

The humble Pork chop. Last nights offerings were stuffed with black olives, roasted red peppers and garlic. Complimented with home made wedges, Rocket and sour cream. All prepped in the afternoon & waiting in the fridge for when the time was right! Oven roasted red pepper, black olives and garlic cloves Stuffed Pork chops held [...]

5 Day Plan…

Results of homemade Cod bites Whilst trying to clean long forgotten paint brushes this morning, it struck me that I needed a bit of a plan. The first part of the plan, I decided, is that I’m going to search for some inspiration on a 5 day Healthy eating plan for the kids. We're already [...]