No Hassle One Pan Lasagne

No Hassle One Pan Lasagne

We all know the drill. Kids bundle through the front door yelling "what's for dinner?". "Hello darling! Have you had a nice day?" "Yes, I'm starving!! What's for dinner?" You've had a full on day and quite frankly, are feeling a bit knackered!! This One - Pan Lasagne is basically the cheats way to make [...]

Do You Budget For Your Meals? What’s Your Weekly Planning Secret..?

I'd love to hear what people do when it comes to their household shop. Don't be shy. Please share what works. Are you the type of person who flies by the seat of your pants and wings it every day? Buying food on a whim , depending on what your taste buds are calling for? [...]

Summer Berry Pavlova

Summer Berry Pavlova

Remember last weekend when it was summer? (temporarily) We had a lovely bbq over at our fab friends' house - they were 'doing' the meat, so we said we'd bring something lovely for pudding. What screams summer bbq more than pavlova? Loads of beautiful seasonal strawbs and raspberries loaded on a fluffy meringue base. Happy [...]

Let’s Get Spiralling- The Courgette Way

Here at Mums In Real Life, we love a gimmick and nothing quite beats a good ' spiralling' session!! Not only is it fun (the kids LOVE watching!), but it gets the kids eating their superfoods too and...they just look so so pretty!! We have the Hemsley & Hemsley model, although there are plenty of [...]

Homemade Potato Salad – A Must Make

Whilst our gardens here in parts of the SE of England are enjoying copious amounts of rain, here at Mums In Real Life, we're thinking about the summer. This led to thinking about food (naturally!), a topic never far from our minds. My Dad always makes this potato salad and it is quite simply, delicious! [...]

Greek Night

So, with word that Storm Freya was hitting us this weekend, we headed over to Tahlias’ and Co for a Greek night. Having taken inspiration from Pinterest, Tahlia cooked up a storm! We were greeted with a 7 layer hummus dip, served with mini Pitta breads. The house was a cacophony, one room blasting out [...]