Red Pesto Sauce

Red Pesto Sauce

This gorgeous red pesto sauce will have your family begging for more! Not only is it very easy to make, it tastes delicious and is perfect for a quick mid week meal. Ingredients: 200g Sundried Tomatoes 20g Fresh Basil 1 Clove of Garlic (more I'd preferred) 60g Pine Nuts 50g Parmesan, grated 50ml Olive Oil [...]

No Hassle One Pan Lasagne

No Hassle One Pan Lasagne

We all know the drill. Kids bundle through the front door yelling "what's for dinner?". "Hello darling! Have you had a nice day?" "Yes, I'm starving!! What's for dinner?" You've had a full on day and quite frankly, are feeling a bit knackered!! This One - Pan Lasagne is basically the cheats way to make [...]

Do You Budget For Your Meals? What’s Your Weekly Planning Secret..?

I'd love to hear what people do when it comes to their household shop. Don't be shy. Please share what works. Are you the type of person who flies by the seat of your pants and wings it every day? Buying food on a whim , depending on what your taste buds are calling for? [...]

Healthy Breakfast Pots – The Grab & Go Way

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Synopsis of a 5 day healthy eating plan (for kids)

It's 'throwback Thursday'!!! Way back when, here at Mums In Real Life we trialled out a 5 day healthy eating plan on some of our fussy little eaters. The results were AMAZING!!!! Take a read and as always, here at Mums In Real Life we'd love to hear any tips of secrets you may have! [...]

5 Day Eating Plan for Kids

5 Day Eating Plan for Kids A few days ago, I decided to create a 5 day healthy plan for my children (I also pondered a running plan...haven't got there yet!). Like I said before, we are a healthy bunch but with my youngest going through a bit of a fussy stage, I often feel [...]