Hi, we’re glad you’re here – welcome!

Hi. We’re Carly & Tahlia, capturing and sharing some of the things we do in our daily lives; cooking, fitness, family. We understand the pressure to be the perfect mums, so we don’t sugarcoat things – no filters, no edited pictures, just us – imperfections and everything.

We love food and we also love exercise too! We’ve decided to curate some gorgeous food, share recipes and help motivate you to join in with our daily fitness and food journey and have some fun at the same time.

We’re also super excited to introduce you to our newest recruit, James – our Dad in Real Life (we’re all about equality lovely people) who’ll be dazzling us with his recipes, tips and amazing, amazing bread skills (move over Paul Hollywood). We’re thrilled to have James on board, and look forward to sharing his amazing recipes with you.

Meet Carly

Thanks for joining us! When I’m not running around after my gorgeous children, you’ll either find me up a ladder painting, in the kitchen or at the gym! Usually all in that order. In general, I’m the foodie side of Mums In Real Life & whilst I’m equally enthused about fitness, nothing quite makes me happier (other than my family & friends) than cooking!

Meet Tahlia

Hi, I’m Tahlia – the other half of Mums In Real Life. I’m a mum of three gorgeous little people and like to juggle my time between being mummy, exercising and living my best life. I’ll mostly be bringing you the fitness elements on our website, trying to help keep you motivated and find new ways to get fit. We’re all about balance here, so I’ll also be sharing things I love and that make me happy in my every day life (think gin, family, friends and beautiful things).

Meet James

Hi my name is James. Obviously, I’m not a Mum, but I’m a proud Dad to Owen and Fleur, and Husband to my beautiful wife Louise, their Mum. I am an Osteopath, and worked full-time until two years ago when my life was turned upside down and I was diagnosed with cancer. Me being me, it had to be a weird cancer too!

I have always been a foodie, always the cook in our relationship, and always loved to bake. So, since my diagnosis I have been spending far more time inventing recipes and baking. Mostly you will find me providing recipe content, but also advice from my Osteopathic background and I’m also interested in family budgeting and food planning. I also adore bread, expect lots of bread!

We’re all about collaboration, and are always looking for inspiration, so if you have any ideas to share, or would like to work with us, then please get in touch via social or by email hello@mumsinreallife.co.uk

Carly, Tahlia and James X